Dragon Race Blurb

Texas-sized adventure in a diverse sports novel for people who hate sports.


Cassidy Drake’s family has saved hundreds of dragons from exploitative energy corporations like FireCorp. Unfortunately, not everyone thinks dragons should be protected or used for competitive sports, labor, or companionship. It’s hard enough keeping the operation afloat, and when her grandmother’s medical debt threatens their conservation efforts, seventeen-year-old Cassidy enters the Great Texas Dragon Race to win the $250,000 prize. She’ll have a tough time living up to her dead mother’s legacy as the first woman in history to win the prestigious competition.

During the five grueling legs across the Lone Star State, Cassidy and her untested rescue dragon maneuver harrowing obstacles and solve complicated riddles to unlock each new leg. But FireCorp doesn’t want her to win, and they have the power to stop her. With her skittish pistol of a dragon, winning (or just surviving) will be tough unless Cassidy can team up with her fellow competitors.

If she loses,

FireCorp will buy up her family’s rescue and exploit their dragons for profit.

But if she can win,

Cassidy will not only save her beloved wyverns and drakes, but she’ll gain a platform to denounce FireCorp for their atrocities against dragons worldwide.






Complete at 85k words, THE GREAT TEXAS DRAGON RACE is my debut novel. REQUEST A SAMPLE